King Tomato

King Tomato - What’s In a Name?

The most exciting branded agricultural product launch in Indonesia, King Tomato products have received critical acclaim. Sold into Indonesia’s best restaurants and hotels, this product was introduced to retail stores in May 2014. The King rules supreme as Indonesia’s tastiest tomato.
Brand Ambassador and world famous Chef, Farah Quinn is an enthusiastic convert to the superior taste, texture and colour of the King Tomato.

Fresh Grow Incorporated grows, harvests, packs, distributes and markets King Tomato® tomatoes across Indonesia and into other export markets in Asia.  Our logistics team sends stock direct to premium supermarkets and retail stores and also to our DC in Jakarta for the Retail and Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants (or Horeca) clients.

Premium retail supermarkets are the largest market segment for Fresh Grow Incorporated. We have developed industry-leading point of sale displays that successfully influence consumers to buy our premium product. Supported with in-store marketing and sales promotions the King Tomato™ product is aggressively promoted at Retail.

The Hotels, Restaurants and Café business is an important market for Fresh Grow Incorporated because it is a major influencer on consumer perceptions. If Horeca chooses King Tomato™ as the best of the best, consumers will follow. Whilst smaller in volumes than Retail, Horeca provides substantial opportunities for good sales and also acts as an education for consumers on how tomatoes can be creatively used in cooking.

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