The Fresh Grow Incorporated mission statement details who we are as a company and what we are here to do.  It describes what we want to be in the future and what we will do to achieve that aim.  It expresses what we value, what we focus on, and what is important to us.  It creates a common understanding for all employees and for those in our communities who interact with us.

At the heart of our Company is our vital purpose:
From field to table; purity, quality and simply the best taste.

We fulfill this purpose by connecting the harvest to the home and transforming garden crops into products that serve vital needs for food, nutrition and energy.  We know that our purpose is focused, our work is essential, and we find meaning and satisfaction in serving our communities.

Because the need for food and energy is both essential and expanding, we must look ahead, plan and grow.

Our mission is to be the most admired agribusiness in Asia.
Simply creating value, outstanding products and nurturing our communities.

Our mission calls us to earn and keep the admiration of investors and colleagues, peers and partners, customers, farmers and community members; create value from agriculture and for stakeholders; grow our Company (our results, our activities and operations across Indonesia and Asia) in a responsible manner, and stay true to our purpose; from field to table; purity, quality and simply the best taste.